Better Life Institute provides authentic interventions, assistance, coaching, and guidance for individuals, families, and business owners all across North America. Business consulting and life coaching are customized tools to help the client make realistic, measurable, and scalable progress. Methods include phone, email, webinar, and in-person consultations that lead to live one-on-one or group sessions.  Our goal is for clients to INDEPENDENTLY progress and achieve their goals. Therefore, our coaching GIVES you the tools to finish what we start in the sessions.

For over a decade now, Ladre Weathersby, Ph.D continues to passionately help people who are not afraid to look for it. Knowing that people hurt and suffer due to lacking knowledge, Dr. Weathersby also recognizes that the method of presenting information perpetuates the lack of knowledge. Therefore, he uses different approaches and methodologies to present information both forgotten, misunderstood, and not yet learned in ways that will promote current use and future mastery.

Reared in Chicago, IL, Dr. W (the progression of the educational moniker Mr. W.) moved to Atlanta, GA to earn his B.A. in English at Morehouse College in 2002.  After teaching from 2004-2011, Dr. W quickly realized he was NOT genuinely prepared for real life, especially concerning finances and credit. The larger salary proved that the missing content were desperately needed across the board.  At Benjamin E. Mays and other Atlanta Public and Dekalb County high schools, students provided the first laboratory for what is now Better Life Institute (BLI)..

BLI promotes the positive LIFE shift that occurs with self-education, also called personal development.  Through partnering with LegalShield of Ada, OK, Dr. W discovered information seemingly hidden in books, audios, essays, and in people like Darnell Self, Jim Rohn, Michael S. Clouse, Tim Sales, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Zig Zigglar, and countless others.  Despite earning the Masters in Educational Leadership in 2009 from Mercer University,  Education Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction in 2011 from Capella University, and the coveted Doctorate of Philosophy in K-12 Studies from NorthCentral University in 2020, the truth of self-education is undeniable. 

Since 2010, hundreds of people spanning all ages, nationalities, socio-economic backgrounds, and religious affiliations have participated AND benefited from BLI's mission to help people create a better life.  In July 2017, Dr. W. co-authored a book "20 Beautiful Men" with a chapter entitled "Faith Without Works" as a tool to further the movement.  Will you join the movement too?

We ENHANCE YOUR success!